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John Brawn is Ireland's leading self defence instructor. Recognised as an expert in his own right for both self defence and security work worldwide, as well as in Ireland, John works full-time teaching and lecturing. He has trained with experts like Marcus Wynne and the famous Geoff Thompson. Born in 1961, John grew up in Westport, Co. Mayo where he still lives today. Educated by the Christian Brothers he went on to study for two years with the College of Marketing and Design where he graduated in 1981. Keenly interested in Martial Arts, boxing and self defence, John became a coach with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association in 1989. In 1992 he completed a two-year course as an Outdoor Education Instructor on Achill Island.

In 1992 he became a Black Belt in Karate Kyokushinkai and in 1993 John became an instructor with the Association and Register of Self Protection Instructors. In 1995 he had became a 2nd Dan Black Belt with the Irish Karate Kyokushinkai. By now his security work and his company, JB Security, was demanding most of his time, so John turned his attention to specific practical self defence and self protection techniques.

Maintaining a very heavy workload, John still found time to study Close Protection Skills at basic and intermediary levels with Chase Consultants Ltd in 1996. That same year he also earned his Certificate of Completion in Advanced Learning Technologies for Close Combat and became an Instructor with the US based Rape Awareness and Prevention Organisation.

John is the Irish director for several of the world's most advanced self defence and protection techniques such as the Blue Maxx and Bulletman and appeared on a Channel 4 documentary - 'The Truth about Killing'. He is an exponent of kettlebell techniques and CQB, and organises seminars in combatives. He has also made a number of training DVD's, and more are in the pipeline. John teaches his courses to private individuals, corporate groups and to law enforcement and security personnel throughout Ireland.